Rebels and Outlaws

Rebels and Outlaws


Rebels and Outlaws is Artists with an Edge. Experts with their own aesthetic and eye who think outside the box and inspire creativity. Individuals with their own style and strong sense of self.

Rebels and Outlaws is a new type of agency. Artist management for a new age of social media, brand impact and broader vision.

Rebels and Outlaws can provide you the artist or team you need to develop your ideas, enhance your brand, cultivate your image or expand education internally or externally in the beauty industry.

Rebels and Outlaws is makeup artists, hair stylists, nail technicians and stylists who are recognized in the industry for their resumes and portfolios. Photographers and videographers with a unique eye who capture an image that inspires.

Rebels and Outlaws is a collective of talent that is taking beauty to a new level.

Rebels and Outlaws is a collective of individuals that are making their mark on their own and together.

Rebels and Outlaws is taking over. With ties to the communities we are connected to and a commitment to integrity in all we do Rebels and Outlaws artists commit time to working, volunteering  and voicing our support for issues that are important to us.

Rebels and Outlaws is a revolution. 

Rebels and Outlaws aspires to innovate and inspire artists to realize makeup is more than just an application of product but a connection to individuals and communities and important times.