Rebels and Outlaws
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Sacred Ceremony

An opportunity for creatives, caregivers and cool kids to set up a sacred space and makeup station to conjure up art and service your client with good energy and great product. Designed by makeup artist and rebel, James Vincent, and activist and outlaw, Jeremy Meek, Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony is developed to allow artist and mystics to tap into the universe and find their muse while creating an unforgettable experience. 

Prepared with blessed inspiration, poured with the best intentions, under the influence and illumination of our beautiful moon, our unguided meditation candles help you focus in the moment while making magic. Candles have been used since ancient times and are burned to summon a specific energy that is desired in your life.

Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremonies candles are designed to radiate light and tap into your best self on set with fragrance and sacred formulations or help you focus at work or whenever you need an unguided recharge or renewal of energy. They shed light on the pathless path that begins anywhere and leads everywhere. They are the guide to where you need to be. The push and strength you need. Rebels and Outlaws candles provide a tangible object to tie your intention to.

Rose Beauty Balm

Rose Beauty Balm

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This magical balm for lips and face allows you to see your own allure, increase your charm and find your own power while adding brilliance and shine.

Roses vibrate at the frequency of divine love for the heart chakra and raises frequency to the notes of unconditional love and true beauty. We amplify the effect by infusing the power of crystals. Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of universal love. It restores harmony, beauty and balance. In this collaboration between B3 Balm and Rebels and Outlaws, makeup artists Julia Dalton Brush and James Vincent combine their passions for the best organic ingredients, wellness and understanding of what pro artists and consumers need to look and be their best.

Rose is the perfect ingredient for the beauty and wellness world. Known for its healing and anti-aging properties: stimulating circulation to deliver oxygen to the skin and clearing out tension, toxins, and impurities, rose oil is ideal for lip care by providing lift and light. Rose quartz gemstone is ideal for opening up the heart chakra to love and positive energy, promoting well-being and building the confidence to see your own beauty. 

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