Rebels and Outlaws
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Sacred Ceremony

An opportunity for creatives, caregivers and cool kids to set up a sacred space and makeup station to conjure up art and service your client with good energy and great product. Designed by makeup artist and rebel, James Vincent, and activist and outlaw, Jeremy Meek, Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony is developed to allow artist and mystics to tap into the universe and find their muse while creating an unforgettable experience. 

Prepared with blessed inspiration, poured with the best intentions, under the influence and illumination of our beautiful moon, our unguided meditation candles help you focus in the moment while making magic. Candles have been used since ancient times and are burned to summon a specific energy that is desired in your life.

Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremonies candles are designed to radiate light and tap into your best self on set with fragrance and sacred formulations or help you focus at work or whenever you need an unguided recharge or renewal of energy. They shed light on the pathless path that begins anywhere and leads everywhere. They are the guide to where you need to be. The push and strength you need. Rebels and Outlaws candles provide a tangible object to tie your intention to.

Soothsayers and Storytellers

Soothsayers and Storytellers

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Clear Voice, Clear Vision

Seer, oracle, augur, prophet, prophetess, sage, prognosticator, diviner, fortune teller, crystal gazer, clairvoyant, psychic. There are so many names for a true visionary. The ability to see it clearly and speak it into existence is powerful. Empower yourself to manifest all of the magic and more.

The blue candle calls upon the peace and patience of the element of water. Blue carries a gentle, but powerful energy.  It is ideal for emotional healing, speaking truth and bringing justice. A very spiritual color, blue can help awaken and heal the psychic mind,  ease stress in trying times and strengthen the throat chakra and allow you to find your own strong voice. 

Prepared with mint and eucalyptus this candle clears the chaos and the path to see and pursue all you want and need. Eucalyptus represents the king of the forest. It opens the psychic eye and allows clear vision, leadership, clarity, goal setting, focus and healing. Combining eucalyptus with mint allows for healing and rejuvenation. Mint promotes energy, strengthens communication and stokes vitality. Mint draws customers to a business and helps you find and maintain your own voice. Birch is a tree of new beginnings and new view points. Birch is used in protection spells and carried to protect from malicious magics (crossing/hexing) or even mundane situations. 

Finished with blue lace agate to open and clear the throat chakra and make self-expression easier. Blue lace agate helps speak and validate emotional truths. It offers courage and helps shyness and is an excellent stone for creative work. Sodalite opens spiritual perception and helps you to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. It eliminates mental confusion. Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It teaches us to access and follow our intuition, helps you feel focused and facilitates the decision making process. Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation. Use amethyst to balance highs and lows and to promote emotional centering. Rosemary allows for erasing bad energy. It opens the psychic eye, clears energy from the throat and protects you as you pursue all that is coming next. 

If you want to allow yourself to see and become and be the best you can be, this candle brings you beyond the mediocre to see and speak, manifest abundance and success and more importantly, believe in yourself.