Rebels and Outlaws
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Sacred Ceremony

An opportunity for creatives, caregivers and cool kids to set up a sacred space and makeup station to conjure up art and service your client with good energy and great product. Designed by makeup artist and rebel, James Vincent, and activist and outlaw, Jeremy Meek, Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony is developed to allow artist and mystics to tap into the universe and find their muse while creating an unforgettable experience. 

Prepared with blessed inspiration, poured with the best intentions, under the influence and illumination of our beautiful moon, our unguided meditation candles help you focus in the moment while making magic. Candles have been used since ancient times and are burned to summon a specific energy that is desired in your life.

Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremonies candles are designed to radiate light and tap into your best self on set with fragrance and sacred formulations or help you focus at work or whenever you need an unguided recharge or renewal of energy. They shed light on the pathless path that begins anywhere and leads everywhere. They are the guide to where you need to be. The push and strength you need. Rebels and Outlaws candles provide a tangible object to tie your intention to.

Sorcerers and Sages

Sorcerers and Sages

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Strengthen Your Connection

Invoke wisdom, honor and strengthen your connection with the unseen realms. Purple candles enhance spiritual activities and increase your magical powers. They can be used in healing rituals, for amplification of other energies, and conjure power, success, idealism, independence, ambition, wisdom, and high ideals. 

Prepared with lavender for peace, sishes, wisdom and clarity of thought and sage for longevity wisdom and protection. Fir is used for magic involving power, insight, progression, and protection and cedar helps provide strength and illuminate your focus. 

Finished with bloodstone to instill courage, comfort and strength, prehnite to emphasize the need of spiritual growth, personal evolution and alignment of our energies with the divine while malachite is called the “stone of transformation” and offers deep energy cleaning, healing and positive transformation. Sprinkled with sage, cedar and lavender to strengthen the spiritual magic and pursuit of the philosophical. 

All natural soy wax.
4oz burn time: Approximately 20 hours.
8oz burn time: Approximately 40 hours.